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Ways To Help

Unless we help, 90% of these kids will end up in crime, prison, prostitution or drug addicted within 5 years of leaving an orphanage. You can help bring hope to these kids.

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Ways To Help

Pray With Us

Without prayer, we have no power to change lives for Christ! Join us as we work to pray together for orphans overseas.

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Pray With Us

Serve With Us

Discover ways you can work with us to bring the love of Christ to a child starving for the attention of a caring Christian.

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Serve With Us

How We Serve

SAC builds relationships with ministry site directors and works with the local church so trip participants can spend quality time with these precious kids.

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How We Serve

Our Mission

Creating environments that build relationships so Christ can be shared with Orphans and Hurting Children.

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Our Mission

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” – John 14:18

“We have become orphans and fatherless…” – Laminations 5:3

“…encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless…” – Isaiah 1:17

An Orphan is Waiting for YOU to tell them about Jesus!

“…look after orphans and widows in their distress…” – James 1:27

Our Vision

Each year, Russia releases 16,000 orphans into society after they turn 16 years old.  With no skills, they must find a job, a place to live, and a way to survive.  Most Don’t. 
Within 5 years… 90% of these graduate orphans end up in crime, prison, prostitution, drug addiction, or homeless… 
Another 5% have committed SUICIDE. 

It’s a grim statistic, but reality for boys and girls living in an orphanage.  Younger children don’t know or understand, but as they get older and begin to know that their time in the orphanage is short and a saddened and sullen face overtakes the innocence of their childhood.  I know… I’ve seen it.

Yet, the faces of these children glow when our short-term missionaries come and show them the love of Christ!  It’s hard for them to understand, that we would come so far, just to spend time with them.  Many of these kids have had to work through untold hardships, abuse, and voids in their lives.  But, our visits change their lives and give them hope!  I know… I’ve seen this too! 

Our Vision

“To Bring the Love of Christ to Orphans and Hurting Children”

In 1999, members of Hunters’ Glen Baptist Church took their first mission trip to St. Petersburg, Russia to help out a local church and work with a shelter called “Child in Danger”.  From the heart change of that first short-term mission trip a ministry was founded by John Neese who called it Strategic Angel Care (SAC) in which the name and logo infers remembrance of his previous work and connection with the Soviet Union as an USAF officer with the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War.

Early on John saw that the needs of these kids were to have caring Christians not only visit them, but spend time with them.  Through this, trusting relationships are built, Christ’s love is shared, and children begin to have their broken lives mended.

Since it’s beginning in 2002, SAC has taken dozens of short term mission trip participants, grown to serve multiple ministry sites, and has served the needs of hundreds of children.

Our Mission

“Creating environments that build relationships 
so Christ can be shared with Orphans and Hurting Children”

Our Strategic Plan

Encourage Direct Personal Involvement:

  1. Build relationships with Western churches, individuals, and partner organizations to go on a mission trip and/or support the work of SAC.
  2. Encourage state-side volunteers in the preparation of mission trips and the local events of SAC.

Involve Others Who Share Our Same Passion:

  1. Speaking to groups about our ministry to encourage involvement.
  2. Bring awareness to interested groups about the plight of orphans.
  3. Encourage Christian former orphans to develop and share their testimonies with current orphans and hurting children in small group settings in peer-to-peer evangelism.

Provide a Restoration of Hope through Christ:

  1. Sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ
  2. Help bring humanitarian aid and gifts to help with their physical well-being
  3. Through personal visits to orphans and hurting children, show and share the love of Christ by spending time with these kids. (James 1:27)


  1. Preparing activities for children in portable form that can easily be transported and distributed.
  2. Keeping a warehouse stocked of donations of humanitarian aid and ministry supplies to equip mission teams.
  3. Recruiting volunteers to prepare and pack ministry bags to be taken on mission trips.


  1. Revealing Biblical truths at every opportunity.
  2. Enabling youth leadership development that will leave a legacy long after our short-term mission teams depart.
  3. Teaching life skills to orphans, at-risk kids, and graduate orphans living in transition homes.
  4. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).


  1. Providing through training for mission trip participants so they are prepared for the cultural differences so they can concentrate more fully on the spiritual aspects of their mission trip.
  2. Providing Youth Leadership Development to youth that partner or volunteer with us during mission trips and at other opportunities.
  3. Providing a curriculum to enable trip participants to easily lead a small group.

Short-Term Missionaries and Partners:

  1. Having volunteers commit to a short-term mission trip and become missionaries for a 10 to 14 day experience.
  2. Recruiting partners, who may not travel, but support us prayerfully along with donations of time, supplies, and financial support of our activities.

Servant Hands and Feet of Jesus:

  1. Volunteers willing to go as servants of Christ, not with their own agenda, but passionately working to meet a child’s needs in a child focused environment.
  2. Our volunteers work to become the hands of Christ giving hugs and attention and the feet of Jesus traveling to meet their needs where they are.

Our Tactical Plan

Tactically, our Biblically based short-range objectives dovetail with our long-term strategic plan, our mission and our vision to;

  1. Bring Humanitarian Aid (Mathew 25:35)
  2. Teach trust in the Lord by building lasting relationships and spending time together with children (Proverbs 3:5)
  3. Share the love and message of Christ (Mark 16:15)
  4. Involve Russian Christians in social outreach to build and strengthen the local church (Acts 14:27).
  5. Make disciples through education and by providing youth leadership development to our translators and volunteers (Mathew 28:19)

Our Motto

“The hands of Christ, bringing the message of the cross, restoring hope”